my bun makes me taller

idiom, product statement

  1. (idiomatic) Adding inches to your stature by wearing a bun that allows you to stand tall and behave in a brave or unyielding manner by not retreating from any confrontation or adversity in the world.  #mybunmakesmetaller #bunhair #standtall

In a world that seems like it’s trying keep you down, you need every little bit to keep your head up!  The statement “My Bun Makes Me Taller” helps you do just that!  In the face of everything going on, you can throw that bun on top of your head adding inches to your stature and STAND TALL!  Let the world know that despite any confrontation or adversity, you choose to be unyielding in your determination to hold your bun-topped head up high!

Today, whether you have chosen to wear the “messy” or the “sophisticated” bun, you need to pair it with a tank, t-shirt or mug that let’s everyone know you are truly celebrating your bun! #mybunmakesmetaller #allteeallshadestore #allteeallshadestorelife #truthfullyoffensive #bunhair

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My Bun Makes Me Taller Tank
My Bun Makes Me Taller Mug