Why is it that nearly every time we hear of a terrible virus it somehow originates from bat shit?

Let’s be honest, these bats have to be some resilient little beasts to not only produce nasty viruses that creates worldwide pandemics, but also manage to thrive when surrounded by it! We mere humans have much to learn from our “bat friends” when it comes to combating adversity and becoming strong enough to not only survive… but to THRIVE! At All Tee All Shade Store we are inspired to offer an entire product statement line for “Everyone’s Gone Bat Shit Crazy.” We want to introduce a little truthful humor while living in times where <insert your issue here> makes it feel like everyone HAS gone bat shit crazy.

We need to be as resilient, adaptable, and strong as our little beasty-bat friends so that we, too, can survive and THRIVE!

Let’s talk about fear.

There are many things to fear in this world. Perhaps the things that actually kill you are not as scary as the things that don’t kill you; things that live in, on, or around you at all times. In fact, all there is in this world are things trying to live off of other things. From single-celled organisms to microbes, bacteria, nematodes, insects, animals, people, and of course endlessly rampant viruses of all kinds which are constantly trying to find new ways to coexist. It does the parasite little good to kill its host; like burning down one’s house would only leave homelessness.

FACT: This means there must be multiple kinds of viruses living in, on, and around every person ALL THE TIME. Like so many Russian email spammers trying to hammer your SMTP port to get their junk mail out using your server, viruses are always testing our weaknesses. Not just during certain years, or during certain seasons, or any particular era; viruses are always living, eating, multiplying, and dying like the rest of us. And even if you absolutely shut down at the very mention of the word “evolution”, there is no one on this planet that can disprove the reality of micro-evolution, which allows us to have a variety of canine choices as pets. God made the dog, but Man made the (IMHO: just awful) Labradoodle.

TRUTH: Living your life in fear negatively affects your well-being. Do you want to live in fear? Or do want to “own” creating your life?

Here is the truth… there is an energy to what is happening in the world. You and you alone can choose how to respond. Do you let that energy RIDE YOU? Or, do you RIDE IT?

The first choice puts fear in the drivers seat of your life. Outcomes of this choice can be a feeling of helplessness, anxiety, depression… and yes, a weak immune system! The second choice puts you in control of your well-being. Outcomes look more like being resilient, adaptive, positive, and supportive of others (because you have the energy to do it). Finally, a positive mind and attitude goes a long way towards making a strong immune system.

At the All Tee All Shade Store, we invite you to choose wisely. RIDE THAT ENERGY OUT THERE! OWN YOUR LIFE!

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