When did truth and transparency become an “option” for people?  We see this playing out in extremes over the past few years on a global stage.  As humans we have spawned a highly reactive “I’m offended” culture and given rise to radical antics of authoritarianism in politics.  What is YOUR tolerance of these antics?  Are […]

Rolling Off Unicorn Laughing

The new rally cry is “ROUL!” [Rolling Off Unicorn Laughing!] Have you been told you are delusional, crazy, or “off-center?”  Maybe you think or do things differently‚Ķ maybe this is because deep down you know you possess some sort of “magic” that comes to your aid when you need it.  Well here’s to you all […]

If You Can Whine, You Can Howl

As a human being we can no longer do nothing. We can no longer just complain. We can no longer remain silent. Whatever the issue is, quit being a silent observer and start being a bold activator for truth and equality! This the sentiment behind the “Statement” If You Can Whine, You Can Howl.