When did truth and transparency become an “option” for people?  We see this playing out in extremes over the past few years on a global stage.  As humans we have spawned a highly reactive “I’m offended” culture and given rise to radical antics of authoritarianism in politics. 

What is YOUR tolerance of these antics?  Are you willing to live in a world of passive-aggressive “half-truths” or worse, “mis-truths?”  It’s time to inoculate yourselves against a very dangerous virus, the “Social Media Virus (#SMV).” People have been steadily replacing legitimate news sources, backed by some level of ethics and standards and research with any stylized blog post hastily found on the internet.  This can invoke fear and panic and is not very quickly disproved.  It spreads when forwarded to other social media users as fact.  The virus takes hold when large groups of people seem to completely agree with something that is not necessarily correct, but they believe social media consensus equals correctness.

We are living in times when TRUTH is the only option.  It will require everyone to wake up, grow up, and level-up their commonsense.  Start questioning popular “truths” and apply commonsense.  Before you hit “share,” “forward,” or “like” take a moment to do a little research and ask yourself some commonsense questions about what is appearing to be a fact.

It may feel like “tough love” if you are #truthfullyoffensive when you callout a friend or relative by stating the truth even though you know they will be offended.  Of course they will be offended…. It’s trendy to be offended.  I only wish I could have sold “licenses to be offended” years ago when I coined the phrase.  I would be incredibly wealthy from selling these licenses given the number of people who now feel it is their right to be offended about everything. (Yeah, I know they will also be offended by this post… don’t care #truthfullyoffensive).

The reason for being #truthfullyoffensive is that you are choosing to stand in truth and transparency rather than being infected by #SMVs.  Another benefit is that when you call someone out they now have the opportunity to either be offended and ignore the truth OR pause, reflect and transform.  If we don’t give any of our family and friends the opportunity to pause, reflect and transform are we really holding a space of love for them?  Or do we settle for the passive-aggressive approach of being too nice to tell someone the truth and therefore reinforce traits and beliefs that keep them “stuck.”

Truth-seekers, stop taking a backseat! We have an obligation to tell the truth.  To be transparent in our intention and actions. Be the spark of light that contributes to the transformation of our culture in the most positive way.  Be #truthfullyoffensive

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