Doctors never say oops during surgery… instead they say “there” …right after recovering from a mistake. 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone applied the same approach?  Instead of saying “oops” and moving on after making a mistake… we hold our confidence that everything will be okay. Then we immediately go into problem solving and resolution rather than alerting everyone and everything around us that we just made a mistake by simply saying “oops….”

There is always a window of opportunity to choose how we react to a mistake. 

Do we choose to pause, assess the situation, problem-solve and move forward into recovery/resolution?  Or do we choose to simply stop, say “oops, my bad” which not only doesn’t demonstrate taking accountability for the mistake, but also begs for carte blanche forgiveness.  Not taking accountability to seek resolution and begging for carte blanche forgiveness keeps us stuck in a place where we do not learn how to do something better… become a better version of ourselves… build the same level of confidence that a doctor has in the operating room.

If Experience + Learning = Wisdom

…then these little mistake windows of opportunity are spaces where we can learn to be better and store them in our little “Playbook of Wisdom” for future use when we make a mistake and need to draw from our very own wisdom to find a resolution.

So instead of saying “oops,” say…ah…interesting… what can I do to make this better??  …what can I learn??

Now go out today and have fun building your very own Playbook of Wisdom!  Why not wear an awesome tank or tee shirt to remind you to get out there, own your mistakes, and LEARN some great ways to resolve anything life throws at you!!!