Halloween Giveaway

Win an “Everyone’s Gone Bat Sh!t Crazy” t-shirt! There has never been a better time to wear a t-shirt that says “Everyone’s Gone Bat Shit Crazy.” Not only do we have Halloween this weekend, but the presidential election is just around the corner. These are crazy some times… why not wear what we are all […]

Never Say Oops

Doctors never say oops during surgery… instead they say “there” …right after recovering from a mistake.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone applied the same approach?  Instead of saying “oops” and moving on after making a mistake… we hold our confidence that everything will be okay. Then we immediately go into problem solving and resolution […]

“Social Media Virus” Coined by All Tee All Shade Store

Out of an overabundance of creativity, the lexicographers at All Tee All Shade Store have unleashed another useful English phrase… “Social Media Virus” Urban Dictionary Definition: A Social Media Virus is any idea or concept spread by social media that invokes fear, is not very quickly and easily disproved, which forwards itself on to others as fact. See also spam. […]

Somehow Porcupines Cuddle

The year 2021 has put the words “social distancing” on the tips of every tongue and planted the need for it deep into our lizard brain which is the oldest part of the brain responsible for primitive survival instincts such as aggression and fear.

my bun makes me taller

my bun makes me taller idiom, product statement (idiomatic) Adding inches to your stature by wearing a bun that allows you to stand tall and behave in a brave or unyielding manner by not retreating from any confrontation or adversity in the world.  #mybunmakesmetaller #bunhair #standtall In a world that seems like it’s trying keep […]


When did truth and transparency become an “option” for people?  We see this playing out in extremes over the past few years on a global stage.  As humans we have spawned a highly reactive “I’m offended” culture and given rise to radical antics of authoritarianism in politics.  What is YOUR tolerance of these antics?  Are […]