As a human being we can no longer do nothing.  We can no longer just complain.  We can no longer remain silent.  Whatever the issue is, quit being a silent observer and start being a bold activator for truth and equality!  This the sentiment behind the “Statement” If You Can Whine, You Can Howl. #ifyoucanwhineyoucanhowl #speakingtruth #truth #stopwhining #howl #bethechange #infusedwithmuse

We all know, or have known or WILL know someone who merely complains about their situation, their environment, their family or friends, their country, or their world.  Nothing ever changes for them.  Their situation remains the same.  They repeat the same story theme for years.  Let the record show that I call this “whining.”  Since I don’t speak “whine” I have had a hard time understanding those who speak that language and choose to stay in what seems like an endless loop of insanity.  They do the same thing and expect a different response – the definition of insanity!

The time for whining is over.  It’s time to HOWL!  The good news is that if you can whine… YOU CAN HOWL!  What this means is that if you are already whining you know in your heart that something isn’t right and you’re at the very beginning of finding your voice so you can express what you know is true in your heart.  All you need to do is practice turning up your volume.  Close your eyes…hear the pack… they are howling!  Tune in to the sound of the howl… try to make the howl.  It doesn’t matter if it sounds strange at first… keep trying!!!!!!  Before you know it, you will find your voice and others will hear you!

Maybe you’re wondering who is the pack?  Maybe you’re uncertain where you fit in.  Well… in my opinion, it doesn’t matter what gender, race, religion or any other “label” you give yourself.  We are all human beings and human beings are all part of the same pack!  Isn’t it time we acknowledge that we just might have more in common than we have different???  Why let what we perceive as “different” separate us as human beings??? Reach deep into the core of your being where the howl begins and connect to that knowing place where we find the truth… that we are all human beings AND LET IT HOWL!  We are all in this together… for such a short period of time.  Let’s make a difference for the greater good of the pack… for all human beings!

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